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Our Vision:

Our vision is that with the support and care from Sweet Carol Home Care, our clients can continue to live independently in their homes and enjoy what their community has to offer them.  At the same time, ease the minds of our clients and their families by ensuring that the services and care are met.  

How we became Sweet Carol Home Care, Inc.

A short story from our founder/CEO - An amazing woman who became my inspiration

Her name was Carol.  She was a teacher and librarian.  Her husband was a professor at a well known college.  Carol was quite the character.  She was fun, sassy, loved watching BBC shows, loved food (especially snacks in the middle of the night), enjoyed learning about different cultures and so much more.  One night, we talked for almost an hour about football.  My staff and I would spend hours with Carol tending to her needs and cooking meals (it was a hit or miss with Ms. Carol at times but mostly a hit!)  She would often reminisce about her life with us.  As Carol's health declined, she told me that she wished she could do more and give more if she had time and could do it.  I was determined to carry on Carol's wishes after she passed on to keep those wishes going and not a day passes where that message is ever forgotten.  I want to thank you for coming by our website to check us out even if we don't end up being your choice for home care, it is really nice that you dropped by and please, feel free to email us to even say "Hello"-we like those messages too.  May god bless you all with good health, safety and unconditional love.

We put you first.

We complete background checks on all caregivers

Caregivers complete hours of training to meet MDH caregiver training requirements annually

We are bonded and insured

We check in with our employees to make sure we offer them support in every aspect of their job.  This not only helps employees improve their job skills but also makes sure our clients are satisfied with services we are providing.  Our employees are the fore front of Sweet Carol Home Care, Inc. and we owe it to them to provide the best trainings so they can provide wonderful, meaningful and caring services to our clients.

Areas served - Washington, Dakota, Ramsey and Hennepin Counties

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